Strategic procurement — done digitally

smartPOINT is the control center for strategic procurement.

Various modules such as contract management, invitations to tender, price inquiries, bid price comparison list and approval, and project controlling are linked to each other and existing systems.

Strategic purchasing designs its processes in the way that makes the most sense for the company.

Suppliers are communicated with directly using smartPOINT, without them having to log on anywhere.

Simple, and yet everything in view best describes the functionality of smartPOINT.

And whatever is missing or does not fit immediately will be made to fit — without specifications, but simply in an agile manner. This is how strategic procurement should operate.

Supplier file

Supplier file

  • all contacts with a supplier
  • link to the other modules
  • emails, documents, visits, appointments, etc.
  • file types
  • multiple operators
  • documents filing
  • file assignment in email


  • simple price queries
  • complex tenders
  • public tenders
  • tender types
  • tender templates
  • scheduled shipping
  • link for suppliers to submit a bid
  • quotation management
  • bid evaluation — internal/external
  • bid price comparison list

Tenders — done digitally

Requests and tenders

Contract management

  • contract types
  • contract templates
  • contract status
  • risk classes
  • deadline dispatch
  • proof of proper handover
  • internal workflows
  • contract-like documents
  • security levels
  • authorizations
  • document management

smartPOINT is the digital purchasing solution for strategic procurement.
Developed by procurement professionals with procurement professionals for procurement professionals.

smartPOINT focuses processes on simplicity and still maps complex processes such as a tender. Templates and types structure strategic elements into reusable actions.

Communication with suppliers takes place directly from and with smartPOINT. A supplier portal in which a supplier must first register and log in is unnecessary. The connection to the supplier is simple and takes place via digital forms on the web. Suppliers can enter or update information about the company themselves. After all, they know their company best.

All information about a supplier is collected in the supplier file. Regardless of whether the information is provided by email or manual entry, the file contains the information independently of the email system.

smartPOINTwas developed for strategic procurement in medium-sized companies. The focus is on fast and economically sensible applications. It is, therefore, modular and scalable.

smartPOINT as a whole is an organizational system for any company. Large companies appreciate the integration into existing systems and use smartPOINT as a uniform interface for user-defined processes.

Medium-sized companies appreciate the compactness of existing functions and modules and the view of manufacturing, projects and processes.

Small businesses welcome the XRM functionalities and the high coverage of modules to manage a business. And when a company grows, smartPOINT follows suit.

Integrated into the existing system landscape, smartPOINT combines isolated solutions into a whole.

Procurement done digitally

DISPOSITIVE procurement

OPERATIVE procurement

STRATEGIC procurement

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