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smartPLUS includes our know-how, experience, and competencies from several decades.


smartPLUS supports you in case of a lack of capacity, missing know-how, modern purchasing strategies, digitalization of your company, and much more.


smartPLUS is a mix of know-how, experience, competencies, and our smart products, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


smartPLUS is the extension of our smartPRO and smartPOINT products. However, you can choose the PLUS independently of the other products.

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There are many reasons why a company may need external support.

Be it because of a lack of capacity, a lack of know-how, modern purchasing strategies that need to be implemented, a new building that needs to be supported by the purchasing department, etc…

When not only one expert is available to you, but a whole team? So depending on the topic, the right person always available to you?

How about this:

We do without:

Beautiful theory slides and develop a modern purchasing together with your team. Because companies’ capacities exist but they are often blocked by operational activities. Our team brings along further expertise besides the know-how, using our own tools — which can be adopted — and most of the time, we finance ourselves.

Tell us your requirements and you will receive a proposal on how you can best meet them with our support.

We are looking forward to it.

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