Purchasing with the suction dredger method

Efficient purchasing projects without roadblocks

You know what it’s like — constant construction sites and miles of traffic jams? There is another way, with the suction dredger method. Instead of opening up large construction sites, the suction dredger can be used to efficiently carry out individual, small jobs and complete them quickly. Transferred to purchasing, this means using the ‘purchasing suction dredger’ wherever it will achieve a lot with little effort and where it does not hinder any other processes.

So — instead of laboriously working out various possible alternatives, it is better to look for a direct way to procure indirect materials, for example, with the digital procurement solution for indirect requirements: smartPRO. Using the suction dredger principle, you can cover most of your needs in just a few days with just one vendor.

Another advantage is the smartPRO idea of a purchasing alliance! Fits medium-sized companies because this way, they stay independent and maintain transparency over their procurement market. Thus, the ‘suction dredger’ can provide you with a broad spectrum of optimization in a targeted manner without disrupting existing processes, lengthy supplier discussions, and costly training. Strategically controlled and continuously optimized by your purchasing team, the new process runs smoothly in the background.

This is how you take digitalization a big step into the future and establish the strategic alignment and integration of your requirements in the process — digitally, independently, and transparently. MTS Saugbagger GmbH from Germersheim has successfully implemented this digitalization of purchasing and has appropriately named it the ‘suction dredger method.’

Is this method also the right solution for you? Test it now without any obligation — even from your home office!

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